Would you like to save on your energy bill? 

Please note: from January 1, 2024, it will no longer be possible to use the handyman service or the white goods scheme.

You can make use of the free service offered by the energy saving team or opt for a gift card for white goods.

The municipality of Oosterhout energy saving team and Thuisvester will provide you with free advice and offer energy saving measures for your home. The energy saving team is happy to help all tenants and homeowners, free of charge. You may prefer to opt for a gift card so you can buy a new white goods appliance.

The energy saving team
The energy saving team helps you free of charge, to get a grip on your energy bill. In addition to personal advice, the team will help you install free energy-saving products in your home. That might include draught excluders, radiator foil or a shower head that saves hot water. The team will give you tips and tricks on saving more money. That will help you reduce your energy consumption, which in turn reduces your energy bills. On average, households save hundreds of euros a year this way.

Replacing white goods
Perhaps you have already taken the necessary energy-saving measures yourself. In such case, it may be interesting to opt for our white goods scheme. This allows you to replace an old appliance that consumes a lot of electricity for a new energy-efficient one; a refrigerator, freezer or washing machine, for example.

Why do we visit you?
You were entitled to the energy allowance in 2022. You are therefore entitled to make use of the energy saving team service or the white goods scheme.

How can you let us know your choice?
A reply card is enclosed in the envelope. Use it to can fill in your choice and your personal details. Return the reply card to the municipality free of charge, using the return envelope.

More information
If you would like more information first, please send an email to



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